Features of Control Kids parental control software

Control Kids is a computer parental control utility that enables parents to block access to objectionable web sites or any specific Web sites. Control Kids is simple to use and supports IE 4 or later. It also allows to automatically cancel unsolicited Internet Explorer windows, called pop ups, filter banner ads to speed up page viewing and downloading Control Kids also monitors keystrokes and Web sites visited.


Download the software here


Double-click on ControlKidsInstall.exe and software will automatically start downloading

First execute

Control Kids runs minimized in the task tray (near the volume control and the clock) First time, control kids will ask you to set up a password. This password allows to uninstall Control Kids, access to the administration panel, change parameters. It is important you remember your password since you cannot uninstall the program with the windows add/remove programs panel. You will be able to change the password later.

Administration and history

Control KIDS is totally transparent for user and does not require configuration.
Automaticaly recognize the potentionaly danger websites

Blocked sites

The blocked pages will display like that

control ids blocked


How to uninstall Control KIDS?
The only way is to right-click on the tray icon and press uninstall. After you give the password the software will be removed

I cannot open a new page from the Internet Explorer. You may kill all pop ups and new windows. You need to press the key you have chosen to force a new window to be opened. programu

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